Outlook on iOS devices is showing company logo instead of pictures or initials



Anybody seen this feature today? We got several customers seeing this from today. Only on iPhones, not iPad, Android, OWA or Windows 10


So when looking in the inbox, they only see the company logo. Looks like BIMI (Which is not implemented at any of the customers).

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Yes, happened to a few people in our org too
Hmm.... I have created a case with Microsoft support, but they don't seem to know anything about it?
Its only on iOS devices at our company. Just tested it again on a new device - same issue.

Happened to me only in my organisation since few hours ago. Only on my iphone.

Same issue here for one user. Just noticed it today.
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Just saw it as well.
There is an advisory in the Admin portal about this.
Seams a bug in the iOS app. An update is being created and will be published to the app store when done. Expected to be published for approval at the end of today March 2nd
Exactly the same answer from Microsoft Premier support today :)
The issue seems to be fixed with the update I got this morning

Was this resolved? I cant seem to find any additional info on the bug and I still have some users in our org who are experiencing this only at this time they are seeing an old outdated logo even though our branding has been updated in our tenant.

As far as I'm aware this is resolved, none of my customers have this issue at the moment.