Outlook not processing rules while idle


Using Office 365 version 1902 / 11328.20438 (semi-annual channel) on Windows.


I have an Exchange account for work.  I run Outlook on my work PC, my home PC, and my phone.  On my work PC, there are rules set up to move some emails into folders in a local PST file.  These are mostly automated alert messages that I don't need to look at right away.  Because the messages are filed into a local PST, the rules must run on the client and not on the server.  I leave Outlook running on my work PC all of the time, day and night, whether I am working or not, so that the rules will keep working and my inbox isn't full of clutter when I check it from home or from my phone.


Recently I have been noticing that the rules are not working after my work PC has been idle for some period of time.  My inbox starts to fill up with things that would normally be filtered out.  Normally when this happens I assume that my work PC has either rebooted for updates or maybe crashed when I was not present, but in the last few weeks this has not been the case.  When I go to check my work PC, I find that it is still up and running (and not in sleep/hibernate or something as I can still also access this PC remotely), and Outlook is right there, and as soon as I touch it, Outlook all of a sudden wakes up and processes the rules, moving the messages.


Has Outlook recently been updated to start going into some kind of low-power / sleep / idle mode when the PC isn't used for a while, that would prevent it from either checking for new emails, or from processing local rules?  If so, how do I disable this behavior?  Or, any other ideas?

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