Outlook - Moving email off server automatically

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I found this information about moving emails from server to outlook.

Our company would like to move some mails from our server to outlook to free up some space.

We using IMAP.

I couldnt find any information about IMAP.


"If you are using POP account you cant synchronize the folders it would only sync Inbox folder. However you may try following steps to delete mails from server when you delete them in Outlook.

1. Click on FILE>Account Settings>Account Settings.

2. Double click on the email account and press More Settings

3. Go to Advanced tab
4. Check Leave a copy of messages on the server and Remove from server when deleted from 'Deleted Items' options."

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@UABEMSI I have not tried this myself but you should be able to just create a .pst in Outlook and then drag and drop the the emails, or set up auto-archive, noting the prerequisite that IMAP only downloads a message when you click on it, and attachments aren't automatically downloaded.


You can probably use the import/export feature as well, saving the current state to a .pst.