Outlook keeps replacing new server settings with old ones

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Why is it always such a hassle if an outlook account setting needs to be changed?


I want to change the outgoing- and incoming mail server addresses from, let's say, mail.domain01.com to mail.domain02.com.

So I click "repair", select manual repair, click "repair" again, change the mail server addresses from mail.domain01.com to mail.domain02.com, click "Next" and I get "Account successfully repaired" I click "Done"


But, since it's outlook and that action didn't take half a day and it didn't involve any googling I get  suspicious...

So I check the settings I just changed, only to find that this seemingly easy change will probably take half a day after all.


Both server addresses had changed back to mail.domain01.com.


Anyone know which reg key to change this time?





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That's probably just autodiscover kicking in, have you updated the corresponding settings on the server side?

Hi Vasil,
thanks for helping!
I cant change anything on the server side, mail.domain01.com relays to mail.domain02.com but when I use mail.domain01.com I seem to get certificate errors so I want to use mail.domain02.com directly.
But since my email adrress is robert@domain01.com thinks go wrong.
Any way to turn of this auto discover?


I think I figured it out.

I created the following key:


DWORD: DisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreation
Value: 1 

 This brings back the normal email account settings form and changes made in this form seem to stick!


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Vasil!