Outlook issue - my "Customize the Ribbon" settings are partly overruled by Office defaults

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In Outlook 2016 (click-to-run) on my Windows 10 laptop, when using "Customize the Ribbon", my customizations are partly overruled by Office default settings.


Here are the steps I take to customize the ribbon:


  1. First, I customize the ribbon for the inbox of my Mail account. I do so by first removing all the Groups I do not want to see in the ribbon, and then adding New Custom Groups of my own, to which I add the Commands I use most often.
  2. Then, I open my Calendar in a new separate window. So, I now have a window with my mail Inbox on the left side of my screen, and a window with my Calendar on the right side.
  3. Next, I customize the ribbon in the Calendar window.
  4. Now, the issue appears: when I click the right-side window again, where my mail Inbox is, a default group called "Quick Steps" automatically appears back in the Ribbon again, even though I had removed all standard groups, including this one, and only kept my own groups.
  5. When I remove the "Quick Steps" group once more, again via Customize Ribbon, it is deleted... but then the Ribbon in the right-side Calendar window automatically gets all its default calendar groups back, which I had removed before, without even touching that Ribbon.


What can I do so that this does not happen, i.e. so that Customize the Ribbon only keeps my custom groups, and does not add any of the default groups back in again automatically?




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Same issue here, what am i doing wrong?
The olkexplorer.officeUI stays applied but olkmailitem.officeUI won't..