Outlook Image Issue

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Hello I have a user, when he gets and email with a picture in the email body it shows up as [cid:image002.jpg@01D4A0DF.C06B36B0], I have no clue, I have dug through the internet, upgrade office to 365 went through every option in the trust center I can't figure it out. If he signed into outlook web and opens it up in there the images will show fine, so I think it has something to do with the client install on that machine, any help would be appreciated.



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Try to see if the following key is present! Havent tried this myself so backup registry first if you find it!

delete the key "OutlookSecureTempFolder"

I Just checked out the Reg that key is not present.

Ok! Thanks! I’ll look into it further

Thank you, It also appears it is only an issue with one company that sends emails, but since i am able to see the image in web mail I still think it is an issue with the client.