Outlook freezes after I've been writing an email for a while

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Occasionally, while typing an email (in the "popout" window), the window will freeze. The main Outlook window will also lock up, and the only way out is to "end task" in Task Manager. I've tried leaving it for a number of minutes to see if it unfreezes itself, but it doesn't. The Outlook status bar doesn't report any connectivity issues when this happens.

When the window freezes, it is often accompanied by small areas of the main Outlook window going "blank" (usually an empty white rectangle), or the icons on random buttons and toolbars disappearing, both in the main Outlook window and the open email window.


After restarting Outlook, the yellow "updates available" banner appears. Seems a bit of a coincidence, so was wondering if the freezing is related to O365 checking for and/or downloading updates?


I'm currently on v1902 (build 11328.20158), on Win7, but this has been happening for the past 4-5 months. The freezing is very rare however, and only seems to occur when I've had the email (that I'm typing) open for while - say 20 minutes or more.



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Have you tried an online repair from the control panel?

If so...

Also uninstall and reinstalled?


@adam deltinger yes have tried both types of repair (quick & full) in the past, and even an uninstall and reinstall.

I’m thinking this could also relate to a any hardware issue, because it’s isolated to your machine
Update your drivers ( graphics also) and check your ram with a memory check tool also!