Outlook for Mac not showing email

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When it was still a beta version I tried the new Outlook for Mac 2 times but each time but of the 2 accounts I have in Outlook (work - private) it would never show the private email (MAPI).


Now the final version is here.... you guessed it, it is not showing my private account. I can see the folders but when I click on them it says 'Loading, this might take a few moments'.

I saw an older topic about this but there the solution was to do the beta view. That is now no longer an option :(


Ps. I can see this folder in the Old Mac Outlook, Windows Outlook, Iphone email and via the webview of my provider. 

Pps. I have no filters active


Any suggestions on how to make my Outlook work as before this update?

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Hello, @RobertC20. I had a similar situation and have several solutions to your problem. The first is to update your Outlook and Mac OS.


It is pretty easy; you have to launch System Preferences and then hit the Software Update button. Mac OS High Sierra and previous versions - the App Store is needed to update to the newest version of the operating system.


The second possible option to troubleshoot the issue is deactivating additional add-ins. Just uninstall them.


The third method is fixing the damaged profile issues, and you can learn how to do it here. Not to lose your organization's necessary Outlook data, it is essential to get more information about how to make the future recovery process possible.

@Terry_Lazer I always have the latest version of the software. I am quite consencius in this.


I saw online I am not the only one. It is an Outlook for Mac issue. The only way to fix it is wait...