Outlook for Mac create ATT0001.bin

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Hi All,


Some strange things are happening in my Office365 tennant.


Let me sketch my setup, I have an Office 365 tennant with 1 Office365 Business Premium and 2 shared mailboxes. I am reading my mail on an iPad and iPhone (both outlook for iOS) and working on an iMac and MacBook Air with Office for Mac installed (latest version from Office subscription).


The latest problem I am experiencing is, I wrote a mail and added about 10-15 attachments (Word PDF and Excel) from my synchronized Dropbox. In the mean time because it was a really long message I closed the mail a several times so it became a concept mail. At the moment I was ready to sent the mail, all but two attachments became ATT00001.bin and ATT00002.bin etc. Why did the files change to the .bin extension and how to disable this?


Research didn't gave me the right direction, maybe one of you can help me?


Thanks in advance!



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