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Does the Outlook for Android/iOS apps support Government (G3) plans yet?

The 9/2016 announcement said it only worked for Business, Enterprise and Education.



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I'm done with trying to get the Outlook for Android/iOS app to work with our Office 365 accounts.

We'll have to remain on the OWA for Android/iOS app for now.

Found the solution myself and Government accounts are supported after all. The so called Tech Support available through the app is pathetic (I'm being generous)!

Spoke too soon. The EWS setting changes I did broke our Outlook 2010 desktop.

Back to square one.

Why is it so difficult to use a Microsoft written app on a Microsoft service?


Have EWSEnabled and EnforceBlockList (which is empty) which should allow any app to login. I'm still getting Login Error when using the Outlook for Android app.


I'm open to any ideas.


Outlook for iOS and Android in GCC

Outlook for iOS and Android will meet all compliance commitments when used to access mailboxes in Exchange Online GCC. This update aligns with FedRAMP, CJIS, IRS 1075, continental US content storage, and US citizen operational personnel. (Outlook Mobile support with GCC High and DoD to follow.)




Unfortunately that doesn't say when it will be ready. It could be tomorrow, next month, next year, or not at all.

We've had to resort to telling our users to use the built in email apps on their phones as Microsoft's app alternatives are pathetic and there's no telling when that might improve, if at all.


Anyway, thanks for the info.


OWA is now being retired on May 15, 2018, and yet no announcement that Outlook for Android/iOS can be used for Government Tenants.