Outlook folders not populating

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We've just installed Office 365 on 2 PCs.   

  • On 2nd PC the Outlook folders are not populating apart from Inbox.
  • Some of the folders have different subfolders to previous setup in Outlook 2007. 
  • Was having huge issues before with Personal Folders not being recognised and almost all historical folders not able to be opened. 

We'd hoped that upgrading to Office 365 (package for 5 devices) would solve the problems. 

We plainly need experienced help.

Have just attempted Tech Support and have been asked for $5 fee prior.

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Seems like you've contacted some of the fake/scam "support" sites out there. Best thing to do is open a support case directly from the O365 portal. Or if you prefer to call them, use the numbers listed here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Contact-Office-365-for-business-support-32a17ca7-6fa0-4870-...