Outlook folders appearing empty (Office 365)

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I just migrated a huge amount of mail and folders from a PST file to O365.

The problem is now the folders are empty in Outlook that I know I migrated over.

Here is the strange thing.  If I right click on the folder and look at the synchronization tab, although it appears empty it shows "Server Contains 10 items - Offline Folder contains 10 items"

So when I login to OWA I see all my emails expected in that folder.

Here are things I have done to troubleshoot.


1- Create entire new outlook profile and resync mail

2- turned off caching

3- verified no filters exist

4- Microsoft Support performed a "Mailbox move" to attempt to fix this problem


I contacted Microsoft Support and their solution is to log into OWA, create a new folder, Copy all the items to the new folder, then open outlook and the new folder is there with the missing emails

However this user has HUNDREDS of folders.  This seems absolutely ridiculous to make him do this for each one.


This also seems to apply to and solve my problem:


However this process takes even longer than the other process


Does anyone know how I can resolve this globally for all mailboxes?

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It can take a while for Outlook to reflect on changes when running in cached mode, depending on the size of added items and in general the profile size (large sizes cause the OST file to get corrupted). Did you try creating a new profile and is everything working fine then? Are the PSTs in question coming from some IMAP account perhaps?

Turns out importing from IMAP created custom views which I had to remove.

This was my issue as well, thanks Cade! For anyone in the same spot this was super helpful for me :)