Outlook Customer Manager - Is it a BETA release

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does anyone know know if Cutomer Manager is a BETA release? I ask as I have been testing it for our company and it seems quite flaky. 


My connection from some outlook clients returns "something went wrong" more often than not.


More importantly the ability to collaborate seems quite rudimentary. I had expected to be able to see group clients/companies, but it all seems geared around the individual user.


Maybe I am missing something

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AFAIK, OCM is not in Beta anymore...
It's not a beta release :)
I suggest giving feedback about missing/desired features here: http://aka.ms/ocmfeedback
Technically it is GA.......but in reality OCM is more alpha than beta as you have already discovered. IMHO not a single member of the engineering team properly assessed the requirements for SMB's or even bothered to at least copy the basic features from the popular CRMS. It is so bad that even simple but very important field's such Contact Job Title is NOT a default field. It is hilariously bad. Nice of microsoft employees to redirect you / me / us to the OCM uservoice which has little to no engagement from the OCM team.

The consistent reoccurring theme found in replies from microsoft employees posted in this community is always "clear the cache" and when that doesn't fix the problem Microsoft politely say /s"please go away and leave us a note / suggestion on uservoice". The funny thing is that marketing seems to know what people want in a crm and if the product did 50% of what is implied then it wouldn't be so bad.

The potential of this is fantastic.  The reality is it's frustrating to use.  I'm shocked this is not a beta version.