Outlook Customer Manager - Companies do not display in the list

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We are exploring using the Outook Customer Manager tool in O365 . We have the Business premium subscription.

I added some contacts with companies specified, I also added companies on their own. However when I click on the companies tab in the OCM, nothing appears in the list. I do not have any filters selected. 

The same thing happens if I create a deal - it will not appear in the list when I select the deals tab.

All my contacts do appear in the list when I click the contacts tab. Does anyone know why that is happening? Thanks!



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I am experiencing the exact same problem and cannot figure it out!

Unfortunately I have wasted alot of time trying to make what looked like a simple but effective solution work for my team but ran in to issue after issue - it seems this tool is not stable enough to use. 

This is just one issue. The same issue occurs with Deals. Also, when I imported the contacts, the company names assigned have an exclamation next to them saying they have been deleted or not shared with me. I edited the company name and made sure it was added and shared and did this for all contacts and their companies. When I rebooted , they were all flagged again with the same issue.

I cleared the internet cache several times . I tried loading manually but still have the issues.

My teammates do not see all the contacts I added even though they are all shared.

No response from forums on these issues and I see many others have the same issues and more . I submitted feedback through the app with no response.

And the roadmap does not mention OCM at all .

I have given up on OCM and am evaluating  other tools now which is frustrating since we have paid for OCM with the O365 business premium subscription. 



Same here, losts of problems. Are there any plans to resolve the issues with OCM?


I see 25 delas, my coworker only sees 1