Outlook crash when using search

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Since Outlook version 2106 (build 14131.20278) Outlook restarts everytime you try to use the search bar.


We have this on several of our own systems and allready 5 clients who are also affected, we have affected systems with W10 20h2 and W10 20h1.


This also happens in Outlook safe mode, if you change Outlook to offline this doesn't happen.


If we completely remove Office on a affected system the search works untill we upgrade to the latest 2106 version.


We also tried quick repairing Office, complete repair of Office creating a new profile.


Anyone with the same problem that has found a solution?


Only thing I've found online in regard to search problems in this version is this article but is not exactly the same behaviour:





Enig idee ik kan me moeilijk voorstellen dat wij de enige zijn die dit hebben ik zag hier ook al een gelijkaardige vraag.

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