Outlook - Change the displayed meeting room capacity in location suggestions

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Location suggestions in Outlook is displaying the wrong meeting room capacity. Does anyone know how to change this number?

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I had a look at our own "suggested locations" in Outlook and Outlook on the web and the capacity does not match what we've set (we set the capacity in the resource name as well). Is that your issue? I have checked all capacity settings in Exchange and PowerShell via Set-Place and it looks good. In Outlook on the web for example the capacity isn't displayed correctly but when hovering for it to 'pop up' then it's OK. I have no idea why some of our rooms are showing an incorrect capacity number when all settings are OK. Perhaps I need to raise a ticket with Microsoft.

@Vasil Michev Would you mind having a look at my description above, any clue?


This is exactly my issue. The capacity in location suggestions does not match the capacity set under resources in Exchange. If you raise a ticket with Microsoft could you share the outcome in this thread please.

@Niclas_Gyrup Hello Niclas, I've just opened up a ticket with Microsoft as all settings are fine in EXO and using Set/Get-place. Will update here with more info!

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@Niclas_Gyrup Hello again, partial solution is to clear the cache in Outlook on the web (e.g. hit "x" on the suggested location) as the Outlook client populates it from there. Still no explanation on why this is happening or how to solve it org. wide. Waiting for reply.

@ChristianBergstrom Clearing the cache in Outlook on the web does indeed correct the capacity shown on the suggested rooms. Doing this for all 200 users in my organisation is not an optimal solution though. Hopefully Microsoft has a better solution. Thank you for your help so far.

@Niclas_Gyrup Hello Niclas, the final answer from Microsoft (premier support).


"There is no way we can clear the suggested locations for all the users. I would like to inform you that it is not necessary that all the users are facing this issue. Users which have used this room in the past must be getting it as suggestion. There is no way we can remove the cached location for all the mailboxes from admin center or by running any power shell command."


In other words, no explanation why. Just a workaround, per user, as described earlier.

@ChristianBergstrom I guess we will have to settle with the workaround. I will instruct my users to log in to Outlook on the web and clear the cache if they experience this issue.


Thank you for spending your time on this. I really appreciate it.

@ChristianBergstrom  - We're seeing the same issue in our org and the support representative referenced this thread in her communications to us.


What makes no sense to me is that a user's cached entry is supposed to be the cause of showing the wrong number if we have never changed the capacity on the backend. Not to mention that some of the affected users are seeing different numbers at different times for the same room. Again, caching implies that the room's capacity was actually set to the value the user sees. Additionally, Outlook on the web shouldn't be doing any caching at all and the affected users see the wrong number there, too.

@Kreera House Hello! I understand your point of view as I didn't get any kind of explanation about the behavior. As the previous posts show we have all the correct settings and still experience this issue. But the "partial solution" did correct the issue for us, per user though. So when clearing all suggested locations in the calendar view in Outlook on the web it then populates suggestions with the correct participants number shown. And and as consequence it's being refreshed in the Outlook client as well. Please update this post if you're taking this further with Microsoft support. It would be interesting to get a "second opinion" from them.

@ChristianBergstrom  Maybe my assumption that there is no caching in Outlook on the web is wrong!  :thinking_face:


I will update the post if we hear anything not already mentioned here from Microsoft.

@ChristianBergstrom  - Our most recent response from Microsoft support is:


"I can also reproduce this issue on my OWA and Outlook for Windows. We have submitted a ticket about this unexpected behavior to make sure that Exchange Online engineering team is aware of it as you mentioned. I will keep monitoring it and share any update once I get more new information."


For now, it seems that the only solution is to inform users of this bug and to point them to OWA.

@Kreera House Thank you for the update, I appreciate it! Please share the update when you receive it.