Outlook Business conflict with Outlook Personal

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Here is my issue.  Like it or not my domain email addresses are through Office 365.  So in order to access from my computer I have Outlook installed on my PC.  


So the Office 365 account I have with my business is strictly for the email in this case, and originally I downloaded Outlook from this account and set up my emails.


Then I ended up ordering the full office suite from my personal account...it was to be fair cheaper then what GoDaddy was offering, and downloaded all of that and somewhere along the line my emails seem to be coming through the Outlook from the personal account.


Now this would not be so much of an issue except that recently I have wanted to add on a marketing suite that tracks emails and integrates the emails into accounts for better customer organization and marketing plans.

At this time I've tried three different programs and none seemed to work, until I realized that the Outlook I'm using must be from my personal account so it's not jiving with the software for my website and business account.


I am not sure how to resolve this issue or how to separate the two outlook accounts so that only the one from my business is being used, or ultimately it would be great to use my personal account for my hotmail.com and and other personal accounts while using the business account only for that business ...all on the same PC.


Anyone else have this issue and is it resolvable?





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