Outlook auto mail pls help

I need to send a new reminder if there is no return of my email at expected time.

Is it possible to send a mail automatically on Outlook when the expected return isn't received on time.

For example, I hope to see the return on Monday at 8 o'clock but it isn't received, I need to send the reminder at 7 o'clock
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You could do this with Microsoft Flow. I'll work on a Flow template to see if I can share it with you.
If you can pls let me know.

Thanks a lot

Why don't you simply flag the message: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/flag-email-messages-for-follow-up-9d0f175f-f3e9-406d-bbf7-9...


You can use this method to remind you, the recipient or both to follow up.