Outlook and Gmail

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I have Outlook 365 on my home laptop. I am trying to get Gmail to send incoming mail to it - no luck. Any suggestions?

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Verify your gmail did not create application specific passwords.  Also gmail is slow when bouncing back and forth to local mail server.  You are also adding additional spam filters that can be causing your mail to bounce or be blocked by both your local server and or gmail.  Messages get to small or frequent servers start to see you as a spammer. 

mxtoolbox.com check your domain make sure your not listed.



@Robert_Golobek There doesn't appear to be any application specific passwords (not sure where to look really, but I can't see anything like that). It all worked OK with Outlook 2016.

Whats the problem exactly? Can you send but not receive mail?
I had not tried sending until now - and it works! I'm also receiving as well. Only issue now is every time I hit Send, it takes quite awhile to synchronize subscribed folders.