Outlook 365 Suggested Email Addresses

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Does anyone know how to remove email address\contacts from the "Suggestions" I have no problem removing "Recent People" by clicking on the "X" to the right of the name but can not seem to remove any from the "Suggested" list.

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Sorry, which app exactly are you talking about? 

@Vasil Michev Outlook 365 but I believe I found the answer to this. Testing out my Theory now.

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Hi @foamyirishman,


I believe you're talking about Other Suggestions List. According to the article linked below, "You can't remove the entries in the Other Suggestions list or disable this list".


However, I've tested it myself and a simple workaround seems to do the trick:

When an unwanted entry is listed under Other Suggestions, keep typing more letters in the TO field. After adding a few more matching letters, the entry under the "Other Suggestions" list will be moved up to the "Recent People" list, and you'll be able to press the “X” at the right of that entry. By that, it will be removed from Other Suggestions as well.

@Burak_Varol Thank you so much for this information. I now have something in writing. I did not believe it could be done but now it is confirmed.

@Burak_Varol I tried the work-around that was successful for you.  Unfortunately, I did not experience the same result.  I continued typing the name.  I also tried typing the incorrect address.  An X did not appear to the right in either case, even when I completed it.  :(