Outlook 365 rules only work manually

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Hi all,


since a few weeks I got the problem that no rule, whether its an new, old, client or Exchange rule automatically works. It only works if I press manually the "play" button in 



or if I make a new rule in Outlook App on Windows and say "apply this on Inbox"

I think it isn't an client problem with my windows, because I got the same problems with my Web Outlook and I already clear my appdata, made a new profile under control panel, and I erased all rules for 1 day to exclude maybe sync problems.


I already tried the function "stop processing additional rules"...


we use business premium with office 365 Exchange, maybe have anybody a solution for me?


thanks in advance

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There have been some issues with rules recently, although nothing I've heard that matches your exact symptoms. FWIW, Microsoft is looking into it (here's the article where they've described some of the recent issues: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/the-rules-on-this-computer-do-not-match-the-rules-on-micros...).


I got this problem at the beginning of my symptoms too. But I thought it was cause of my one local Client rule which I got at the beginning.

Thanks for your fast answer

It seems they messed up something server-side, not the client. In any case, I haven't heard anything about a fix just yet.

@Vasil Michev  any chance on a fix? I have tenants asking the same thing and they referred ME to the article you posted.