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Okay, I normally use Outlook 365 on a Mac, and the ribbon is different. On Windows 10, the ribbon has an annoying label organizing each group. For example, the section that has things like Reply/Reply All, etc has this dumb label that says Respond at the bottom. The Mac version that I use on my work laptop does not have these space wasting labels. When I use the PC versions, I find this annoyingly cluttered so I just opt to turn the silly banner off. Is there any way to modify the banner to just turn off the silly labels?cccc.jpg



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Afaik no. You can leave feedback on this on UserVoice: https://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/322590-outlook-2016-for-windows

Actually, there is the option to "Rename" the groups, and the system allows you to name them with a blank space, thereby effectively removing the label