Outlook 2016 Pinned Favorites not saving on exit.

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Solutions I have tried: 
I have a user that has a shared mailbox that she has pinned into her favorites, recently however that mailbox will not stay pinned. Upon exit it will disappear from her favorites when she reenters Outlook. The client is the Outlook 2016 365 Business Desktop Application. 
Solutions I have tried. 
1. Outlook /resetnavpane  - No Success
2. Update Office
3. Update PC/Laptop 
4. View -> Layout -> Folder Pane -> Unchecked Favorites, restarted Outlook, and rechecked Favorites. - No Success 
5. Disabled Add-ons, renabled Add-Ons - No Success
6. Ran an Office Repair - No Success
7. SaRa - No Success

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