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Simple question. We are missing Retention policies for some default folders from users mailboxes. For Example: There are no Policies listed at all for a users sent items (no archive tags) in OWA but there is in outlook. Is that normal?


Outlook: Sent Items, Inbox, Deleted Items >> All Available in Outlook.

OWA: Inbox Only, Other non-critical path, default folders have the delete and archive policies available.


We are currently using the default MRM policy and all users in question have had their mailboxes enabled for archiving and are using E3 licenses.


Any clarification?




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Robert, I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but in general the tags should match between Outlook and OWA. Where did you create the policy, EAC or the SCC? And what king of tag(s) did you add to the policy?


We did not create any policies. These are all default policies. 


Let me ask it this way. Why am I able to set an Archive Policy in outlook on any folder, but not able to do the same thing in OWA? 


I just checked and I do not have the ability to set an archive policy in OWA, on any folder except for the inbox. When I right click I do not see the "Assign Option" box. But I can set those same policies on the same folders in Outlook. 


That's really what the question is here. 








I don't seem to have any troubles viewing or setting tags in OWA, either on Inbox or any other folder. Only folders that have a default tag applied (such as Deleted Items or Junk Email) don't show the menu, so I guess you should check for that. And open a support case and get this properly investigated.