outlook 2016 did not prompt for credentials


quite a number of my users have noticed that when the launched outlook 2016 in the morning, it did not prompt for their email password any more.

when i go to mail security, i discovered that the options to enabled password is now greyed out.

is this due to Microsoft updates or O365 

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This option basically applies to older clients and older versions of Exchange server, it's not available for O365.

what do u mean older version of exchange server?
we used to be able to key in our password when we launched our outlook client until recently.
we have been using O365 email for more than 4 years and it does prompt for password when we start outlook

I mean exactly that, older versions using RPC over HTTP. This setting is no longer available when the new MAPI/HTTP protocol is used.

does it mean that users will not be prompted to enter password when they launch their outlook client ??
i didnt noticed it as i always keep my laptop running all the while

Do you want them to be prompted?

yes, users request to be prompted for email password when they launch their outlook client every day

That's no longer possible with newer versions of Outlook connecting to Exchange Online. 

okay thanks