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My company currently does not have online archiving enabled for any user mailboxes. However, we currently use a third party archiving solution that we are planning to cease using.


We are going to request from this third party the data is provided so we can re-import into 365  via Data Governance in Security & Compliance which I have used in the past without issue. However, some of our mailboxes are rather large - 60GB or more, these users are particularly heavy users, and the archive for these users could be over a decade of email data. It's likely to go above the 100GB limit, so therefore we have to enable online archiving.


If I was to enable online archiving now, and import the data, would the older data be moved to the online archive automatically? Or can I specify the data is imported into the archive as part of the import?

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Depends. The default archiving policy is to move everything older than 2y to the Online Archive. That counts from the "creation date" of the item, so assuming the migration preserves that field, it should move any of the items that are older than 2y to the Online Archive. Alternatively, there are methods to migrate data directly to the archive, if that's needed. Or, you can also change the retention/archiving policies or even disable it altogether.


Hi @Vasil Michev Could you please send for me place (or link) to setup 2y or more that in?


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