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Hello, at work in my OneNote for Win it is possible to unshow resolved/done tasks. How can i do this in Mac version. I can not find cathegory search... show only unresolved task.

 How can i manage this.

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Hi Volker70,

At present, it is not possible in OneNote for Mac to hide completed tasks. There has been a Uservoice open for this for nearly three years so even though I would recommend you vote for it, it may be a long time before its added, or never added -

With Office 365, Microsoft now have a dedicated application called To-Do for Task Management. This is currently being worked on for MACOs Desktop

MAC users can already use To-Do on IoS/IPad and the web app at the Web App on where you log in with your Office 365 credentials. To-Do has the ability to hide completed tasks.

I hope I have answered your question. If I have please like and set as the solution. If not, please let me know what more you need. Thanks for raising to the community and I look forward to answering more of your questions in the future.

Best, Chris

Best, Chris