OneDrive Shared Folder Files Appear in Recycle Bin

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We have a unique sequence in which when SharePoint folders are being synced to local OneDrive, if a user deletes a file in one of these folders, it will appear in all users local recycle bin.


Any user that has this file in the recycle bin, can restore the file to OneDrive. We have edited the members permission and removed the delete capability. So the owners who delete the file, do not want the members to have the file appear in their recycle bin or have the ability to restore the files.


To me OneDrive is performing as expected, however it is causing concerns with clients and I would like to know if there is any configuration options to manage deleted files with OneDrive. Possibly skip the recycle bin if the user didn't delete the file?

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@MNTech We have the same issue save an except all the deleted files from all onedrive business users end up in one of our users recycling bin. Have you been able to resolve your issue as I am hoping it can provide direction with the issue that I am experiencing? Thanks in advance- 


No resolution, can only educate the users. We are in the process of reducing what is synced with each department and organizing these file structures in hopes this becomes less of a situation for us.