OneDrive script errors during log in

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Hi I'm not sure I put this in the correct place, if not I would appreciate someone advising me which hub to put it in (I'm a individual user so I did not post in OneDrive Business)


On my Windows 10 PC I have been running OneDrive for years, and it has been syncing correctly. 

-A week or so ago, it was not signed in, as I attempted to sign in (immediately after I entered my email I received the following a "Script Error occurred on this page" (please see attached).

-Obviously attempted to sign in numerous times, completed all the browser items ie: insuring scripts enabled, etc

-I deleted the app and downloaded the problem continued

-I opened a microsoft case but no response


Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated

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Any updates here. As we are facing similar issue.

Same issue. It is frustrating. Please help