OneDrive "Link Open Receipts" notification "The link to "DocX" was successfully used"

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I've noticed a strange behavior with OneDrive for Business "Link Open Receipts"  when sharing a file internal or with external users. 


I receive an email notification stating "The link to "DocX" was successfully used".  When in fact it has never been opened on the recipient end (email message or the file sharing link clicked on). My guess is Exchange Online Protection or other Antivirus are scanning the OneDrive sharing link sent and triggering the notification prematurely before the file has actually been opened?


Has anyone seen this behaviour with OneDrive "Link Open Receipts".  It's misleading to the person sharing a file via OneDrive because they receive a notification that the person they shared the file to was successfully used when in fact they never used it yet.


If anyone has any insight or recommendations it would be appreciated.


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Stephan Ayotte

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I've seen them trigger as part of the guest user provisioning process, even when it was unsuccessful. In any case, @Stephen Rose might want to know about this.

@Vasil Michev 

Thanks Vasil.


It's a strange behavior getting an email that the user you shared the file via OneDrive to accessed the link\file when in fact they had't done so yet. 


I can replicate it from different M365\OneDrive tenants so I think its not just something I'm encountering.  In the OneDrive Admin center under Notifications the only option is turn off\on "External users accept invitations to access files".


Think I will submit a case to Microsoft as well.




Issue Description:  OneDrive Link Open Receipts: false email notification link has been opened by recipient 


Issue Resolution: We noticed that when the files are shared with "Anyone with the link" option it sends the notification of being shared as well as successfully accessed around same time even though the files has not been accessed by the end user. The reason that can be given on this is because the access of the link does not use the credential of the end user to let it pass, it thinks that it has been already used by the end user. Anonyms links are not secured by the end user credential and anyone with the link can access the resource. 


We also confirmed that when the files are shared with "Specific people" option, the feature of notifying the user after being accessed is working as expected. This happens because in this case, the end user has to enter the credential in order to access the links. Specific people sends Authenticated guests links. 


The difference between Anonyms links and authenticated guests links are described below in the article.


Types of Sharing links


We suggest you to only allow authenticated guests link in order to receive notification only when user access the resource. 


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