OneDrive Files slow to load when opening from Excel/Word.

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I have a user who is has come across something I can't figure out.  When using Excel/Word and Selects Open > Browse Computer, and clicks on OneDrive for Business, the files and folders slowly populate in small batches.  It probably takes 20-30 seconds each time for OneDrive to fully populate.  If she opens File Explorer and then opens OneDrive for Business in the same manner, the files and folders are available immediately.  Any ideas?


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What happens if she uses the built in onedrive client in office instead of browsing the computer - onedrive?

Assuming they are in a different location and connectivity probably isn’t the best as the cause? Anyway when using the onedrive link in office it goes straight to the web to render and view your documents instead of local files like the explorer method does. Browsing to the Alocal computer and then the onedrive folder in office would alleviate the issue.
@Chris Webb , I belive the issue was happening when browsing the local computer - then onedrive! Or did I misinterpreted?
Na. Think they are clicking the link into the account which is the in your face option that uses webdav to view over the web and not the local file sync, which if connectivity to the Microsoft data center isn’t ideal could cause issues with load times.

But I could be assuming wrong as well :)

Hmm, yeah..we’ll wait and see, lol

Hi, sorry everyone, the notification e-mails for replies were going to my junk folder...  We are using OneDrive for Business.


So what's happening is when the user is in Excel/Word, and they do a Open, then are presented with a list of default locations they can open from.  e.g. Recent, Shared with Me, OneDrive, This PC, Add a Place, Browse.  This user is selecting Browse, which then opens up a file explorer view window and she then clicks on the OneDrive - OrgName folder on the left-hand side.  Once clicked, the files and folders stagger as they update and after 20-30 seconds it fully populates. 


She's a heavy OneDrive user so there's probably 100 folders in the root of the drive and 200 files on the root as well.  Each subfolder has files in as well.  When I try this under my own account, I have around 10 folders and 5 files at the root of my OneDrive folder and it still staggers, but only takes a second or two to fully populate everything. 


Both her and I are on the same network in the same building. I'm actually on WiFi, but she is hardwired at 1Gbps link.  She avoids the web method of OneDrive as relies on the local copy of the files on the hard drive.  Would WebDAV still be a factor if using the File Explorer (browse) method?


Hope that all makes sense.  I appreciate the replies so far.

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I believe we figured out most of the slowness issues.  At a closer look, I was way off on the files in the root of OneDrive.  This person had close to 2700 files at the root, not including folders.  We copied all of those files into a folder and tried again.  It's now much faster and is at a very tolerable 1-2 seconds to full load when browsing vs. 20+ seconds.  I appreciate all of the suggestions.  Thanks again.


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