Onedrive content restore for a re-created user

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Dear Colleagues,


During a user consolidation, I had to re-create an unlicensed O365 account, afterwards I assigned a proper license, created a mailbox, so on...

A few hours later it turned out, that the mentioned account was used for the users's Onedrive, and because of the re-creation the content has lost.

Is there any way to restore the onedrive content what belongs to a deleted and re-created user?




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usually your URL will have a 1 appended to it for the new user. You can go in and give yourself site collection admin rights to the original URL and then copy the data out, assuming the onedrive was had the "Retain onedrive" setting enabled. Otherwise you'll be looking at trying to restore assuming it was within 30 days.

So the old url would be something like, the new one would be /personal/username_domain_org1/

Thanks Chris, it was great idea.


I found both links by this name convention:


Does the re-created user have access for the original site?




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Doubtful if it's a new Azure AD user all together which seems likely in this case so it wouldn't have the same userID saved to the site. You would have to go use the set-sposite command and add permissions to the site for that user, or copy the content yourself over to the new site.

Link for setting permissions.

You are great Chris!

Worked like a charm :)