OneDrive Android App missing "Clean Up" Option

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Once upon a time, OneDrive app featured the ability to, at intervals, delete files on your phone that have already been uploaded to OneDrive. This was fantastic as, obviously, that's half the point of the app. Clear up space on the local device.


That said, I just noticed that my phone is near capacity, and a quick look on OneDrive shows that the "Clean up space on your device" option is missing from the Android app, as it is suggested to use here: 


This functionality is crucial, and needs to return.

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This definitely needs to return. It should've never been removed in the first place. Big step backwards in functionality. 

Seems it's been removed because it did not work on Android 11?? I hope it gets back soon!
This is hugely disappointing. It is an essential part of the entire purpose of OneDrive. They could also at the very least added a reference to the MS article so I could have saved the time I spent contacting support only to find that the OneDrive android app has no official technical support offered (only this community support) in spite of OneDrive premium being a paid subscription product.