One Outlook GUI OWA?

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Just saw this at one of my customers OWA, the new "One Outlook" interface.

My own tenant doesn't show this yet. Can I force this to update/upgrade on a tenant?

Here with Classic toolbar:



I want this! :xd:


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I have it in my tenant, too, so it looks like it's a global rollout. Switching your tenant to first release might speed up the process, but as usual, there is no guarantee when a specific feature will land :)

@Vasil Michev


The option I find. Isn't this only for the Office 365 Apps?

(in Swedish below but it says "Targeted Release for everyone")


Or I'm looking at the wrong settings? Never heard of a tenant First Release, I really like new things so it baffles me if I've missed it. Not afraid to test it out as it's my own tenant with just a few users.



No, it's not for O365 apps only, many features across the whole suite are covered. At least in theory :)

@Vasil Michev 


Yeah, it's a bit confusing if the function is for the whole tenant and apps, and which gadgets get the newer stuff. Found a thread, it discuss the subject somewhat but no conclusive answer on the tenant part. 

I'll sit down and hitting the CTRL+R until it shows up :happyface: :unamused:

I get back here if find some clear info about when, if and how this will hit a tenant, and if there is anyway figuring it out if it's on it's way.


Btw, just checked my customers tenant and they are on Standard Release, so there goes that theory that it's related to the Standard/Target knob... :facepalm: It didn't strike me to check this first. This makes it even stranger as it's a big change of how OWA looks and behaves and that a Standard tenant gets it before a Targeted.


Thanks for taking the time på reply to my subject. KUDOS

Have a nice. Brgs.

@Vasil Michev 

HI again! Had a case with Microsoft on the subject. The answers were a bit vague but when I checked today the OWA had the new look. I don't know if they pushed the update, asked them back but haven't received an answer on that yet, or if it just was my turn

Thread/case closed. 



Got an answer from Microsoft. They'd pushed it on to my tenant as I could understand. They made a note that they had pushed to allot of other tenants as well. So maybe something had got "stuck" don't know.