One Note Mac OS High CPU / RAM load (failing to sync?)

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Hi everybody,


I've chosen this community to post the problem as I'm lacking any official contact to write to...


I'm using One Note as a part of Office 365, which is provided by my University. Both the office apps as well as my OS (Mojave) are up to date.


Recently I've noticed my Macbook getting slower and slower and when I checked the process monitor I noticed that One Note uses up to 200% CPU power and was already hogging up 6GB of RAM, constantly growing.

I checked the web and I found people with similar issues, who related it to their One Note app not being able to sync, what causes it to constantly try to sync.


Now, this is where the problem starts:

Due to the (new) strict privacy laws in Europe and therefore Germany, our administration is now blocking the use of One Drive. I don't use it, which is fine, but this also causes One Note to not being able to sync. I would be fine with turning off Sync (as the local files _are_ backupped via Time Machine), but while this can be turned off in the Windows Version, there is no Option to turn off syncing in the Mac Version. This renders the whole One Note app useless as it eats away battery and slows your OS.


Is there no way to turn syncing off? Is there any possibility to add this feature? If this is really causing the excessive behaviour, it might not just be my problem, but the problem of any student at most German / European Universities....



While writing this paragraph, I got the idea to simply disconnect my Mac from any network source and restart One Note. The behaviour of high CPU load and RAM load persists, even though One Note recognizes the situation and tells me "Offline Mode"... Does this tell me it's not the syncing issue? How can I identify whether it's the syncing or anything else?? Help! :(

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