One Drive usage over time

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Hi there,


I have the need to produce a report around One Drive usage over the past year, but referring to a subset of users, depts and offices around our Org.


The build in O365 reports only go back 180 days and you cannot filter these reports based on location or Azure Attributes like Office/Location.


Has anyone achieved the above with PowerBi, or used another means?



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What about using the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics Power BI content pack:
In regards of the 180 days period, this is a limitation you will have to deal with

Hi Juan,


the content pack only shows data for the past month and there is no way of filtering out data for historical one drive usage based against an office location pulled in from azure, even though I relationships between tables are created the figures within the content pack show "total" events for that month.


Please correct me if I'm wrong!