On-boarding - license annual or monthly


Hi All,

We have recently setup 365 Business Premium account with around 10 users under the 30 day trial.  We have taken the time to setup everything up and have just extended the trial by a further 30 days as we are at least a couple of weeks away from having completed the final setup.


The extension of the trial had no option other than annual renewal and despite searching there appears to be no option to flip this to monthly.  How do we achieve this?


Out of the 10 users we have around 3 that are essentially temp type staff and so they may come and go.  Is my understanding correct that it would therefore be better to change this to monthly subscription for all users?  I assume that you cannot have some users on annual and some on monthly?


Hoping someone can advise!

Thanks all

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Hi @wedmonds,

Monthly is often better for small businesses in terms of flexibility and scaling users up/down according to their needs.

Because you have an Office 365 tenant, you can approach a CSP provider of Office 365 such as Cobweb Solutions (in the UK - just an example there are many in every country) and they can push Office 365 licences into your 365 tenant on a recurring monthly basis. They would also help you to get rid of the trial licences without any impact to the service you have set up.

Many small business today get their licencing through CSP providers as opposed to Microsoft direct. This also has lots of benefits in terms of support.

Hope that helps answer your question.

Best, Chris