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yesterday I learn that if you have digital sign on your email (with certificate in Outlook) the OME message upon Encrypt doesn't work correct, as the recipient receives "another" mail - and its not the "ordinary" hmtl attachment - but this shown below - and the 'Click her to read the message' are gone: 



can't download the .rpmsg - and If I remove the digi ID from outlook - and send a new mail - its all good - and the "ordinary" OME message are received

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Signing (or encrypting a message via S/MIME) and OME/AIP are two different technologies, which generally speaking don't interoperate. We just recently got the first wave of "support" for this, as detailed here:


Hi Vasil 


So I can't use both?  - sign my mail with a Digi ID and OME encrypt it at the same time?