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Before i took over this site the old admin set up some auto replies like the one below:


ATTENTION Meridian ActiveSync User... We are currently not able to do an ActiveSync to your device because it has not been added as a Personal Exemption on your 365 Outlook. Please add this device to your Personal Exemption rule before doing an ActiveSync. Please contact your 365 Administrator (Ben McDonald at (with any questions or if you need help setting up your personal exemption. Thank you and sorry for any inconvience this has caused you. Ben McDonald Meridian 365 Administrator


I have looked everywhere and i cannot find this message

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Hi, Can you check the "User Notification" section under Exchange ActiveSync in the Microsoft Intune portal 


Microsoft Intune_ Exchange ActiveSync - Internet Explorer.png


Also under the Exchange Admin Center -> Mobile -> Mobile device acces -> the Edit button on the far right.


i do not see the intune portal on my admin center


that was it thanks!