Office365 Forms - People Look-up when posting to SharePoint

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Afternoon all,

I'm building an application that involves a Forms "form" being used to collect information.  Once here, I'm going to use Flow to pipe that information to a SharePoint list that matches all fields, where various views will provide further value.


I have an issue with collecting names however.  Forms doesn't allow a look-up to the Address Book whereas SharePoint does.  I've had to set a Text Field to capture a full name.  To ensure accuracy and cleanliness of data I'd like to pipe the text field name (Forms) into a SharePoint look-up field. 


Can this be handled in Flow and if so, how would I achieve this?
Many thanks

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Are your users internal? If so you can use the generated required login column that provides the users e-mail, then use this to process any user flow information you need etc.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this and apologies for the late response.  The form and its audience is indeed internal.

I've not heard of the action you've suggested, so I'll check that one out and will advise how I go.