Office365 Backup solution for customers with PROTECTED status

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Hello All,


Looking for Office365 Backup options for PROTECTED status customers?

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Can You explain more What you’re after??

@adam deltinger 

The customer has the VM running in Azure CDC (Canberra Datacenter) reason as per their security team guidelines need the Cloud Environment to be PROTECTED and CDC is PROTECTED.

However, when it comes to Office365 and Office365 Backup, not sure if Microsoft provides PROTECTED status.

If yes - 


a) What is the OFfice365 Backup solution?

b) Are all Office365 Regions PROTECTED?

c) Any 3rd Party that supports Office365 backup PROTECTED requirements (wherein the Backup server and DB are located on Azure PROTECTED DC)

Protected how and from what?

Office365 have lots of compliance certifications:


Regarding backup Microsoft makes sure to replicate data in case of something happens on their side. 14 days of SP backup on site collection level! Otherwise it’s up to you to utilize the built in features like recycle bins/ retention etc