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I've looked around and can't seem to find any documentation on this. Are there administrative controls around whitelisting or blacklisting add-ins and connectors in Outlook on the Web? Our users can search for add-ins but can't add them. That's a good thing as we'd like to do a whitelisting approach to these, but I can't find where this is controlled. Thoughts?



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Currently it's either they can access or they can't access. No white/black listing.

Ok, so where is the control for configuring this? It seems that we have this set up to block which is what we'd like to do in this scenario, but I'm not aware of how that was achieved.



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AFAIK there is not a whitelist / blacklist feature for Connectors and AddIns....for AddIns you have administravie options to manage what AddIns can be used by users at the EXO Admin Center...and I'm not recalling how to block end users of adding AddIns in Outlook

I think I found it here:




I was mostly concerned about how this is managed in OWA rather than Outlook. Thanks!

this worked for me

Hello @Matt McNabb 

Thnak you for the answer. 

I would like to customize some approved Add-in for my users (a whitelist if we could say) and block the rest of Add-in availibale in Office Store

After that, I will let to choice to the user, to install on not the Add-in. 

Does your procedure concern only Outlook ? or will impact others applications like PowerPoint ?