Office ProPlus Apps crashing constantly



we are facing since few weeks the problem that Office Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, not Outlook) are constantly crashing for a few users when they try to open a document from Sharepoint Online, similar if it from Teams, Sharepoint or a mapped network drive to a sharepoint library. The eventlog is showing the known error with the mso20win32client.dll file, but all suggestions to fix this problem didn't help unfortinately. Curiously the Office programs are working when the same document ist copied locally on the C: drive^^

We tried scrubbing and reinstalling Office ProPlus from the, several registry keys changing and deleting, user logging out and back in into office, tried different user account within the same windows profile, several Office trust center options and internetoptions for trusted/intranet and internet sites, deleting the registered keys via ospp.vbs and so on.

Also this crash happens when docs are opened from a local OneDrive folder but if we disable the OneDrive option "Office Documents sync when opened" documents within OneDrive folder can be opened again.

Another workaround is to install an Office ProfessionalPlus 2016 with a dedicated key but this is not a solution our customer wants to implement if this issue spreads through all its employees. Currently 5 people are affected by this heavily which have no common groudn together.


Do you have any other ideas or solution for this issue?
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FYI Issue was solved by MS support with deleting certain temporary files in the local filesystem.