Office programs have started looking 'simple' as far as graphics go

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Yesterday I downloaded the update for simply accounting to my work pc. After that when I went to use outlook I noticed that it looks different, like an old version or a version that is easier for computers to load. I have since realised this has happened across all the office products on this pc. 

I have tried;

-restarting program and also the pc

-run program as admin

-checked all settings in the outlook program

-lastly I tried running the program in safe mode

None of these things made any difference, however, after running outlook in safe mode the next time(s) I open the program it looks fine. 

Any idea what happened and what I can do? 

(Upper picture is the way the icons normally look, bottom is the 'simple' way they now look)

Thank you in advance.



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It is the new look ribbon. See this post - some users like me see very similar to what the post shows, but I am expecting a full release soon that reflects what is exactly shown in the blog. It also across all Office desktop apps

As the new design rolls to more users i see this question/issue popping more often. It is kind of funny, that users not aware about new design or reading such news are actually perceiving this as a degradation in visuals or even a bug. I guess only big companies themselves like flat design, but their users prefer lively colorful icons, not just plain wireframes..