Office crashes when opening files from Onedrive

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Hey there, this is my first post so be gentle.


So for two days now, my Office 365 apps (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Project) started this weird behavior, where they crash after the small loading rectangle when I try to open files from Onedrive. This happens either if I try to open them from the Explorer or directly out of the App. Tough if I copy the file to the desktop or out of Onedrive in general, the file opens just fine. This error occurs on my Desktop PC as well as on my Surface Book. On the latter, I have reinstalled Onedrive which didn't help a bit. The Desktop is running 1809 and the Surface Book 1803 (been waiting for the update for months now but that's another thread). The Office 365 (and Onedrive) account is a Student-Account.


Let me know if you need more information and thanks in advance.

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Hi sieberde,

Have you gone through either of the repair processes for Office (via Control Panel\Programs & Features)?
Does this behaviour occur when you try opening the files from the OneDrive Web Portal in Desktop App?


Hey Andrew, thank you for your answer.

the advanced repair/reinstall of the office suite worked for me.

Thanks again.

No problem, happy to help :)
It didn't help for my case. It just happening to me this morning. I did quick update and online update but no luck. Anymore advice?

Same problem here with no fix, not even a complete reinstall of the PCs