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Anyone any any idea why, on the same Microsoft365 account log in, I get the new style landing page (icons top to bottom on the left hand edge) on one machine (Surface Pro4) and the old style page (icons across the page L-R) on another? (Surface Laptop 2)


I know the new style was rolling out gradually but surely it would be at account level and thus change on both machines. I log out every time so its not like its picked up the old style page at a previous point.


Not really an issue, just intriguing!

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Most likely it's on server/datacenter level and you're simply hitting a different server with each login. I don't imagine many features are release by targeting accounts specifically, given the sheer number of users that O365 has...

@Vasil Michev - possibly :)  but both laptops are accessing from the same router and can even be at the same time. Its always the same pc that gets one or the other and if it were server driven I would expect to get both screens on both pc's at different times. This seems more like the server spotting the pc and sending a different experience depending on which pc it is. Only difference is the Surface Pro4 is on W10 pro! Maybe that's what is driving it!


Thanks for the suggestion.