Office 365 workflow best practice (Ipad pro)

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Hi all,


New user here of the Office 365 suite. I am considering switching my note-taking platform from Notability to make use of the integrated OneNote package. I would be very grateful for some sharing of best practices of document workflow.


I get sent a lot of various files (ppt, doc, xls) that are typically associated with a meeting to be held.


I want to be able to save these on my onedrive-account, edit, annotate the documents with the pencil, and then create a OneNote-note for the meeting where I can integrate the document and then add additional hand-written or typed notes.


Basically, I want to be able to go back later and have one point of entry for each meeting - meeting notes etc in OneNote but also the original edited/annotated file stored on my OneDrive.


Can I create a link between an individual onenote-note and a file on the OneDrive to achieve this? Any other helpful tips?


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@Fbackman There is a workflow for you, but the best practice would be to start from the meeting.
1. You schedule the meeting

2. Add document to the meeting (link to onedrive/sharepoint file).

3. Create OneNote Page in selected section.

You are getting OneNote page with link to the calendar event in outlook, information about attendees and date, link to the onedrive file and space for your notes (minutes from the meeting or agenda that you are creating for the meeting) -> win, win, win.


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