Office 365 Will Not Update using SCCM 1710

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We use SCCM 1710 and I am having trouble pushing Office 365 updates out.

We have approx. 150 machines with Office 2016 click to run installed, all with several different of office versions (see attached screenshot) and I need to get this to two versions ideally.

We deploy Office 2016 with SCCM using configuration.xml which is attached.


I also have a GPO in place – See attached screenshot.


I have a small test collection of 3 machines all with slightly different versions of Office installed:


  1. 1708 8431.2110
  2. 7369.2130
  3. 8201.2200


I have created an ADR – See attached screenshot, and also attached is the preview of the files the ADR will download.


The issue is, all 3 machines report back as compliant and I don’t know why.

As far as I know the ADR is downloading the correct versions of Office for the semi-annual channel but when the ADR runs and scans the machines, all are coming back as compliant.


Finally, on a handful of installs, I don’t see the full version number of office. I have attached two screenshots. One which shows the version of office and one that doesn’t. If anyone has any ideas.


Any help would be apricated.