Office 365 Video Transition to Steam Coming. Are You Ready?


If you use Office 365 Video today, you will use Stream in the future. The migration is happening – slowly. But when it does, you can use Office 365 Groups to organize videos into mini-portals and take advantage of some interesting “intelligent” features to better use content in videos. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay a little more.

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For want of stating the obvious don’t purchase Stream Plan 2 until your tenant cuts over! Using this within an E5 licence it’s innovative technology but costs certainly add up so targeting add-ins for customers with E1 / E3 is a cost effective task. For a customer who is still waiting for long discussed LinkedIn integration to drop even into TR, I predict ever lengthening waits for some functionality to deploy: it’s somewhat difficult to guess, what and when see: Bing for Business...