Office 365 version 16.26 (MAC OS) stop working with on-premise ADRMS (Right Management Services)

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Hello all, did anyone face the same problem before? Could you please share some information about this?


TL;DR - Office 365 on MAC stop working with our local ADRMS since latest update (16.26, 16.27). All the old versions are fine (Office for MAC 2016, Office 365 version up to 16.25)


Here is some more info regarding the problem we’re facing:

  1. We are using ADRMS on-premise with Mobile Extension and ADFS
  2. We have everything working properly in Office for Windows, the issue only applies for Office for Mac after the recent update, 16.26 and 16.27 are both affected based on our testing
  3. For the flow & screenshots:
    1. The problem is happening right when you try to open RMS-secured file during initial handshake
    2. First you get the usual popup asking if you trust the server (our case is our local AD RMS) sodmacpopup.png
    3. Once you click ‘Continue’, it will get stuck at this ‘Authenticating…’ dialog, which will remain in-progress forever until you force close the app sodformacstuck.png
    4. Notes:
      • I’ve captured RMS logs from different versions of Excel on Mac apps when opening secured files (see attachments) – for 16.26 & 16.27 both the issue (Excel/Word getting stuck and unable to open the RMS-secured doc) persists and the logs are the pretty much the same for each attempt; 16.25, however, is stable and properly opens RMS-secured files every time (you can see in logs that there are many more requests happening there for the license info & audit logging)
        • Deeper investigation of the logs & web traffic from Excel/Word apps shows that 16.26 is issuing ‘servicediscovery’ API call and once it completes authorization round, then there are no more requests being issued from the client; whereas 16.25 continue sending requests to ‘enduserlicenses’ and ‘clientlogs’ APIs right after that ‘servicediscovery’ call (note: the call returns the same response content for both versions of the app
      • The problem happens with all of the files, it either works with 16.25 or doesn’t with 16.26
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